Emotional Support Cats

Our Ragdolls make terrific EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMALS to adults, children and the elderly. People who suffer from depression, loneliness, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD and other conditions have credited their Ragdoll as a great relief. They are the best cat breed for emotional support. Dogs are often thought of as Emotional Support Animals, but they come with a lot more constraints and responsibilities (4 walks a day minimum whether it rains or it is scalding hot, they cannot be left home alone for more than 6 hours etc). In comparison, Ragdolls are indoor cats, and can stay alone for a day or a night with no problem. They are a lot easier to handle, do not require to be trained, and will follow you around and cuddle with you. They will undoubtedly be your best friend.

However not all Ragdolls are the same. That very sweet ragdoll temperament is genetic, but unfortunately not all ragdolls have that quality. We have worked very hard and selected the best breeders to ensure your kitten has that desired personality that you read about and look for. Our prices are a reflection of the amount of time, expense and care that go into our kittens.