What makes us different?

Family-owned ethical breeder 

We are a family-owned cattery specialising in ethically breeding Ragdoll.

At Fluffs of Love, we go the extra mile to ensure our cats live their best lives. Our cats and kittens are not confined to cages but instead have the freedom to roam and play in our comfortable domestic home.

We believe in integrity and transparency and we personally care for all our cats. You won't find any hired staff taking care of our precious Ragdoll companions. Every aspect of their well-being, from their physical health to their emotional happiness is handled by us, ensuring they receive the utmost attention and care.

If you're searching for pedigree kittens or purebred cats, look no further. We breed and raise our cats with a focus on maintaining the integrity of their breed standards. When you bring a kitten from Fluffs of Love into your home, you can rest assured that you are welcoming a healthy and well-bred companion.

Our kittens experience a loving home environment from birth. They are raised in our home, where they become cherished members of our family of pets. They receive all the love, attention, and activity they need to thrive and grow into happy and healthy companions.

Why socialisation in kittenhood is important

As a species, cats do not have an instinctual need to be with people or be handled. A kitten learns these behaviors during a planned socialisation period, most easily before the age of 12 weeks old. For your kitten to be confident and happy in adulthood, they need to be provided with positive, stress-free experiences and exposed to a range of common sounds during this crucial socialisation period. 

Our goal is to help your kitten grow into a healthy and happy life-long companion who is friendly, with an even temperament, and easy to handle.

How we socialise your kittens:

  • Playtime with Siblings
  • Frequent Handling
  • Introduction to Different Environments
  • Exposure to Different People
  • Interaction with Children
  • Gentle Introduction to Other Animals
  • Positive Reinforcement Training
  • Introduction to Sounds
  • Litter Box Training: They will all be litter-box trained. We recommend continuing to use the same litter type that we are using, for a smooth transition.
  • Continued Support and Guidance:  We are always available to provide ongoing support and guidance even after you bring your kittens home. We offer advice on continued socialisation, behavior training, and creating a nurturing environment for your kittens’ ongoing development.

Interested in making a forever home for one of our kittens?

We understand that finding the perfect companion is an important decision. That's why we offer personalised visits, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of what it means to bring one of our kittens into your family. We are here to guide and support you every step of the way, ensuring you have the knowledge and confidence to provide a loving and lifelong home for your new furry friend. We believe in promoting responsible pet ownership and the joy that comes with sharing your life with a loving cat.

Here’s how the buying process works:

  • As a first step, please schedule a viewing/consultation appointment with us so we can better understand your needs and ensure a suitable match
  • Select the kitten you love during the visit
  • Secure the kitten as yours with a $200 deposit. (Until the deposit is paid, we cannot hold the kitten for you, and all our kittens are available on a first-come, first-served basis)
  • Your kitten must stay with us until fully ready to leave the mother and siblings 
  • In the meantime, please cat-proof your home for your kitten's safety. This includes netting the windows, balconies and external doors before bringing your kitten home.
  • Once your kitten is ready to be taken home, please arrange an appointment to either collect your kitten or have your kitten delivered, and make the balance payment.

What’s included in the kitten price?

  • Core vaccinations 
  • Certificate of good health from the vet 
  • Internal deworming
  • Microchip
  • A couple days worth of diet
  • Treats
  • A pack of toys (fishing pole toy, cat dancer toy, and balls)
  • A list of recommendations 
  • And, of course, a healthy and well-socialised kitten!

Our prices range between $3,900 and $4,900 (no breeding rights)